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Project Description
DNN Login with Email Address makes it easier for registered users on a SQL Server driven DNN with unique email addresses to use their email address to login. It adds T-SQL to 3 stored procedures.

The quick explanation is to do this:

-- put this code on:
-- dbo.aspnetMembershipGetUserByName
-- dbo.aspnetMembershipGetPasswordWithFormat
-- also modify DNN's GetUserByUsername sproc to check @Username IN ( Username, Email )

IF @UserName LIKE '%@%.%' -- an email address was entered instead of a username
SELECT @Username = u.UserName
FROM dbo.aspnet_Applications a,
dbo.aspnet_Users u,
dbo.aspnet_Membership m
WHERE LOWER(@ApplicationName) = a.LoweredApplicationName
AND u.ApplicationId = a.ApplicationId
AND u.UserId = m.UserId
AND LOWER(@UserName) = m.LoweredEmail

If anyone wants a PA to do it, I can probably get one together and publish it.

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